Susannah Barnes


Susannah can help you take the time you need to reflect on your situation, with a non judgemental and compassionate ear. Susannah can help particularly if you are feeling anxious, depressed, confused or isolated, or if you are going through a difficult life change such as a bereavement, or other loss, or adjusting to a new diagnosis of Long Covid or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

As well as talking it out, Susannah will invite your body to take part in the conversation. Your body often has a lot to say as well, the way you hold yourself, where there is tension or tightness, your aches and pains, repetitive injuries or chronic complaints and how you are breathing - all give clues to what might be impacting you on a deeper level and habits that are keeping you somewhere you don't want to be. These things can give you new insights and help you to gently re-member your body, put yourself back together in new ways and reconnect with yourself as a whole person.





  • Registered member of the BACP


  • BSc Psychology with Neuroscience

  • Advanced Diploma in Person-Centred Therapeutic Counselling

  • Breathwork & Meditation Practitioner & Coach

  • Certification of Embodiment Coaching

Work Experience:​

When Susannah was newly qualified she worked for the Mosaic II charity in Bradford offering counselling support to survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their families. When the charity closed down, it inspired her to offer more support to survivors of abuse and to specialise in the field of trauma.

Susannah now runs her own holistic counselling agency, that offers trauma therapy, holistic counselling & mental health advice from a wide range of inputs such as psychology, neuroscience, counselling, breathwork, meditation and embodied coaching.

One of her newer projects is a multi-disciplinary team with other body based practitioners in Leeds to offer ongoing support with rest, adjustment and rebuilding for people with Long Covid.

Alongisde this work, she also has a lot of experience within University academic culture and the difficulties faced by both students and staff in this unique environment. She holds regular sessions at the University of Bradford.