Samantha Scholey


Samantha is an experienced Integrative-Relational Counsellor. She understands we are all unique; therefore, difficult and challenging situations can affect us all differently. Samantha believes early relationships can have a major impact on the person that we are now, affecting the way we think, feel and behave. Samantha will work in partnership alongside you, supporting you to gain self-awareness and explore your difficulties, resulting in positive life changes. Samantha’s aim is to build a warm, confidential, genuine, and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship where you will feel heard, respected, understood and valued.





  • Registered member of the BACP


  • BSc Therapeutic Counselling Dip HE Therapeutic Counselling 

  • Diploma in Counselling Children and Adolescents 

  • NVQ 3 Health and Social Care (Working with children and young people)

Work Experience:​

Before becoming a Counsellor, Samantha worked in residential settings with children in care. She has also worked in residential settings supporting young people with Autism and learning difficulties. Samantha’s work experience also includes working in a Women's Centre, Domestic Abuse support, schools, childcare setting and Perinatal Mental Health. As well as working in private practice, Samantha works for ESCAYP as a sessional Counsellor.