Paul Moulding


Paul is a Person Centred Counsellor. Paul believes that many of us experience ‘problems with living’, caused by the challenges of the world we live in, the people around us and the pressures we are subjected to, and also sometimes our own unhelpful beliefs or thinking patterns.
Paul works with people rather than diagnoses; he thinks diagnosis helps people to get the help they need, but that there is much more to people’s mental struggles than a chemical imbalance.
Paul works holistically; so, people may benefit from medication, but in order to feel well and happy, they may need to change jobs, exercise, spend time in nature, take better care of their body, and develop their assertiveness skills. They may need to learn how to make time for fun and relaxation and learn new skills in how to think differently.
Paul believes that people want to get better and that often they have tools, resources, knowledge of their own that can help with that; skills they have forgotten how to use, but which can be dusted off and used again.
The way that Paul works is to listen and help people to understand and clarify their situation, and become aware of hidden problems or motivations. This knowledge enables people to identify the changes they may choose to make if they want to live their life in a way that is true to themselves.
Paul’s training post-diploma includes working with transgender issues, working with men, working with porn addiction and working with survivors of sexual assault.
Paul works with adults, he welcomes young adults and people from all cultures and backgrounds and sexualities.
Paul has helped people with bereavement, anxiety and depression, stress at work, finding a direction, panic attacks and problems relating to others.
Paul is interested in how people can be helped by time spent in nature, exercise and poetry. Also, he is interested in change; he believes that people come to counselling because they want to change, either internally or change their life.





Registered Member of BACP. Reg. No - 376773


Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

Work Experience:​

Paul’s experiences include helping people with criminal convictions, unemployed people and people with mental health problems in the charity sector. He also served in the Territorial Army and is a father and stepdad and has experienced mental health problems.