Joanne Austin

Psychotherapist & Accredited Counsellor working with individuals, children, couples and families.

Jo is a BACP registered and accredited counsellor and psychotherapist. She works with Adults, Families, Children and Couples over a number of years and has a wide range of experience. She also specialises in working with people living with Dementia and their Carers.

Jo has been a therapeutic counsellor for a number of years, counselling people from all walks of life. She initially started out at a charity in the centre of Leeds that was set up to help people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse.

Jo enabled the service to grow which lead to other vulnerable groups obtaining counselling. Seeing the service continuing to grow Jo decided to look at where issues generally start… in our childhood. This led her to complete a Diploma in Counselling Children and Adolescents. To further her experience of working with young people she works for 2 children’s charities based in West Yorkshire and Kirklees.

Jo’s experience and training has equipped her to work with individuals, children, adolescents, couples and families; to help them to overcome a range of psychological and emotional issues which may be at the root of their distress.

Jo is able to support you to address difficult feelings and behaviours; working closely alongside you, enabling you to understand your inner conflicts and improve ways in which you relate to others. She can help you to identify new strategies to address your difficulties. You will be treated with respect and given the freedom to fully explore and express your feelings without the fear of being judged.

Counselling can be a unique experience, allowing you to feel truly listened to and understood, and also allowing you to get to know the “real you”. This can provide you with a chance to try out a new way of being; safe in the knowledge that you will receive the empathy and support you may require to help you through a difficult period in life.



£55 - Individuals
£65 - Couples
£75 - Families


  • Accredited member of the BACP


  • Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy Diploma in working with Children and Adolescents. 

  • Certificate in working with Couples.

Work Experience:​

  • Set up and ran the Counselling Service known as "The Living Project" working with people living with Dementia and their carers. This project was supported and evaluated by Leeds Becketts University and the findings published in "The Cambridge University Press" and " Ageing & Society"magazines.

  • Cruse Bereavement Care Volunteer

  • Escayp Childrens Charity Counsellor

  •  Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Counsellor

  •  Counsellor and Supervisor network for Leeds Becketts University