Dorota Podjaska


Dorota is a qualified hypnotherapist with an educational background in psychology. She is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and conforms to the Code of Ethics and Practice set out by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).

Dorota works closely with her clients to achieve lasting changes in their lives. She uses hypnotherapy to reprogram the subconscious and unconscious mind in order to achieve deep transformation. You may be facing challenges with past trauma, anxiety, stress, insomnia, weight problems, depression, low self-esteem and more.

Hypnotherapy helps you access your subconscious mind and focus on what you want to create. With repeated and directed attention towards your desired change, you can rewire your brain so that you learn to think and act differently. This phenomenon is called neuroplasticity and has been extensively researched. Dorota and other hypnotherapists assist their clients in using this remarkable ability of the brain to change. By retraining their brains, clients can eliminate unhelpful beliefs and create new, empowering ones to gain fast and long-lasting results in many areas of their lives including career, mental health, spirituality, physical health, self-esteem, relationships and more.

Dorota’s mission is to assist you in accessing your inner power to transform your life.
This is achieved by integrating all parts of you, healing your inner child, reconnecting with your higher self and bringing the unconscious and conscious parts of your mind into harmony.

The therapist offers her services to adults, online and face-to-face.

Online hypnotherapy is equally effective as hypnotherapy in the clinic and follows the same structured approach. It is particularly useful if you are limited by location, time, other commitments, or health conditions.



£100 Initial session (80 Mins)
£70 ongoing (50 Mins)


  • Registered member of the GHR


  • GQHP – General Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice

  • Diploma in Neuro-linguistic Programming

  • MSc in Health Psychology

  • BSc in Psychology

Work Experience:​

Dorota has experience of paid and voluntary work in residential, community and inpatient mental health settings.

Over the past six years, she has supported clients with a variety of presenting issues, including anxiety, depression, childhood abuse, eating disorders and PTSD. She has worked as a mental health practitioner delivering short-term psychological interventions to adults, and before that as a support worker supporting adults with learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, mental health disorders and complex needs.

Dorota has also volunteered at the Yorkshire Centre for Eating Disorders as well as at Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Service.