Christopher Stanfield


Christopher understands how tough life can be, and how lonely it is when it feels like there's no-one to turn to. He believes with the right support we are all capable of navigating our way through difficult times. The sessions can provide you with a safe space to explore your issues and concerns, whilst promoting your autonomy. Together you will build an environment in which you can feel empowered and heard.

As a person-centred counsellor Christopher has worked with people of many different backgrounds, experiences, and difficulties. Whether you're struggling with anxiety and depression, or you've been affected by a past trauma, his approach to each session will be unique to you.





  • Registered member of the BACP


  • BSc (Hons) Therapeutic Counselling. 

  • Certificate of Higher Education in Counselling Skills and Theory Diploma of Higher Education in Therapeutic Counselling 

  • Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Training in Sexual Abuse Mosaic II

Work Experience:​

  • Mosaic II: Sexual Abuse - support service Mugumu Safe House for Girls

Christopher's journey began in Africa, helping those whom had been affected by FGM. This inspired him to work closely with survivors of trauma and sexual abuse, helping clients to address complex issues including self-harm and dissociation. He has been greatly humbled by the strengths of all the clients he's worked with. Christopher also has a lot of experience around meditation and mindfulness, which has influenced his approach to client work.